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 ? Front view of the Coradia V160. Montier-en-l'Isle. France. April 2017.

Addressing the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility in a responsible way?

Leading the way towards more sustainable mobility

With demand for global mobility on the rise, cities and countries need transport solutions that help decrease greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, pollution and improve public health for the years to come.

We are convinced that access to transport is?an essential factor of social progress and economic development.

It is our mission to support the transition towards global sustainable transport systems that are inclusive, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient while implementing a socially responsible business model.

Henri Poupart-Lafarge

"As a global leader in sustainable mobility, we hold a great responsibility towards our customers, partners, employees, passengers and ultimately society as a whole."

Henri Poupart-Lafarge
Chairman and CEO

Sustainable mobility

Driving decarbonisation in the mobility sector

Transport accounts for almost a third of global energy consumption; it is one of the human activities whose C02 emissions continue to rise. There is an urgent need to reduce the environmental impact of transport. Alstom is committed to supporting carbon neutrality in transport by building innovative, sustainable mobility solutions with a lower carbon-footprint while actively contributing to the public debates on sustainable development policies.

Coradia iLint

Sustainable mobility

With rapidly evolving demographics and consequent massive urbanisation, transport systems will have to be redesigned to meet the increasing demand for mobility while preserving the environment.

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Corporate social responsibility

Caring for people and the planet

Committed to protecting employees, customers and society as a whole while preserving the environment, Alstom has developed a comprehensive and proactive Sustainability and CSR policy, which is deeply rooted in its strategy.

Alstom places ethics, integrity and responsibility at the heart of all its actions

Whether with employees, shareholders, customers in the public and private sectors, suppliers, competitors or partners, all of Alstom's relations with its stakeholders are guided by our fundamental principles of integrity and transparency.?

Alstom’s commitment to ethics and compliance is underpinned by a comprehensive Code of Ethics. Upheld by a network of 200+ local Ethics and Compliance Ambassadors worldwide, this policy is driven by local and global initiatives including ISO 37001 certification and a constantly?evolving Integrity Program.?

"Our values and our ethical rules are a source of pride and unity at Alstom. They are one of our most valuable assets and we shall continue to draw on them as a source of strength and guidance."

Henri Poupart-Lafarge
Chairman and CEO
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Key figures 2019/20

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